Code of Conduct

Members Code of Conduct

Supported Activities Programme provides a lot of leisure activities. In return for doing this we ask members and their carers:
  • To make sure suitable transport arrangements are made to set down and pick-up before and after activities at the correct times.
  • To let us know when you are unable to come to activities when booked.
  • To pay for activities in advance (refunds are only given under special circumstances – see SAP 047 Refund Policy.
  • To treat all people with respect and behave in a manner appropriate to the activity.
  • To NOT behave in an aggressive way – we will not allow aggressive behaviour or any form of bullying (such as pushing, hitting, punching or kicking, swearing or spitting).
  • To follow all instructions regarding Health and Safety

If you have a complaint about Supported Activities Programme see, SAP001 Complaints Procedure. The Form can be downloaded from our Policies page. Complaints should be made in the first instance to the Organiser, with a copy to the Chair

If you do not obey the Code of Conduct we will implement the formal warning procedure. All warnings will be recorded on an SAP011, Appendix 1 Verbal/Written Warning Record Form;

  • Verbal Warning: The Organiser or a volunteer will tell a member once or twice that their behaviour is not acceptable. All verbal warnings will be recorded and will remain current for a period of one year.
  • Written Warning: For repeated bad behaviour the member will receive a warning letter. Please note that for behaviour which could be dangerous to the safe running of Supported Activities Programme and its members and volunteers – a written warning may be given immediately without a verbal warning.
  • Written warnings will stay effective for a period of one year. Any reoccurrence of unacceptable behaviour will be taken to the Executive Committee for investigation of possible suspension or termination of membership.
  • Suspension/Termination of Membership. This action may be taken if the member continues to behave badly despite verbal and written warnings or if the behaviour actually harms a member or volunteer or is likely to harm another member or volunteer. In very serious cases the Supported Activities Programme Executive Committee reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership without verbal or written warnings being given. This means that the member may not be allowed to continue being a member of Supported Activities Programme. A member has the right to address the Executive Committee in person or in writing, with or without an advocate. The Executive Committee will review any application by a person whose previous membership has been suspended or terminated.
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For more information on the above and if you live in the Stevenage or North Hertfordshire area, please Contact Us or telephone using 01462 485534 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Alternatively, for more information on becoming a member of Supported Activities Programmme, please visit our Members section, or visit our Volunteers section if you would like to become a volunteer. We could not run without volunteers and there are various roles available.